About Us

Rob and Dave’s sales training approach draws on the highs and lows of their own careers to provide relatable sales techniques to course attendees throughout all stages of a sales career, from those starting out to sales managers and directors. Their lively and entertaining approach has earned Rob and Dave 100% client retention since Japenic’s inception in 2002.

Rob and Dave have been through the highly respected IBM sales training programme during successful careers at IBM and have experienced first-hand the benefits that a commitment to proper sales training can bring. Japenic was formed to provide training that combines this solid foundation with real-life experience to deliver realistic sales training that sales people and managers can relate to.

Since Japenic’s inception, training courses have been provided to individuals throughout all stages of their career. They have experience of working with senior managers and executives at large blue chip corporations combined with charitable mentoring programs for individuals setting up their own businesses. The diverse range of people that Japenic work with gives Rob and Dave a uniquely rounded experience of a wide variety of people, personalities and industries.

Rob and Dave attribute much of their own success in life and the success of their courses to the personal and fun approach they bring to their courses. Teaching and selling have a lot in common, to be successful you need to engage the person you are selling to or teaching. As Dave/Rob says “No one wants to learn if they’re bored and no one wants to listen to a boring sales pitch”. Their energy is truly infectious and translates from the classroom to the sales floor or sales meeting.

Meet The Team

Rob Harwood
Director, Trainer

Rob spent 28 years as a salesperson and sales manager before founding Japenic. When not imparting sales wisdom to course attendees and running a successful company, Rob is keen skier, motorcyclist and avid Formula One fan. He’s also flown RAF jets, managed a rock band and is an outstanding air guitarist.

07930 631 845
Dave Hardy
Director, Trainer

Dave’s sales career has gone from selling cattle feed to farmers to selling complex IT projects for worldwide corporations and later managing and coaching IBM business partners. Dave worships a certain Northern football team, rides a big motorcycle and can milk a cow.

07702 207 570
Kathleen O’Connor
Head of Marketing

Kathleen has over 10 years in marketing and business development. Her practical approach is underpinned by solid qualifications in all aspects of marketing. Kathleen enjoys spinning classes and spinning round the dance floor. She also has a mean right hook and a powerful uppercut (according to her boxing trainer not course attendees).

07812 072 371
Neale Mitchell

Neale started as a computer engineer but saw the light and spent 20 years as a successful salesman and sales manager. According to Neale “nothing beats the feeling of winning new business”. He is also a keen motorcyclist, snowboarder, tennis player, cyclist and helper with the local Explorer Scouts. He still dabbles in engineering and tinkering with machines, the latest project is the restoration of a 25 year old tractor with blown engine and dodgy hydraulics.

Tracey Mather

Tracey has 22 years experience in secretarial support and business administration, and ensures Japenic runs like a well-oiled machine. Tracey spends her weekends supporting her nephew, Joe, at his various football matches and  also supports Manchester Utd. In her spare time, Tracey volunteers for a local charity called Home-Start.

Ian Avery

Ian had a successful 30 year career with IBM. He is passionate about sales training and also e-ranger motorcycles, a company that distributes motorcycle ambulances that are used in hard to reach areas such as rural Africa. He also loves watching Leeds United and listening Bob Dylan (but not at the same time).