The Sales Academy Programme

Japenic deliver sales training courses tailored to the specific needs of the audience.  We provide training in all areas of sales, from the initial planning stages of a sales campaign through to closing the sale and managing a sales team effectively.  We don’t advocate that our course attendees follow a prescriptive approach to selling, as such we adjust our courses to take into account the sector course attendees are working in.

Courses are designed to equip attendees with the necessary techniques to be successful in sales and is invaluable for people both new to sales and those with many years of sales experience.  We also design training specifically for those in a managerial role, focusing on getting the very best from your sales team.

The Sales Campaign

Sales do not happen by accident! The Sales Campaign workshop looks at all the stages of a successful sale, from planning territory management, opportunity evaluation, maintaining sales momentum through to closing the sale. We use a case study as the vehicle to ensure that everyone participates and understands all the steps that are essential to make a sale successful.

Face to Face Sales

A successful sales meeting invariably uses a structure. We will teach attendees the best methods to develop the correct pattern for their meetings, including preparation, building rapport, taking a consultative approach, questioning, proposing, objection handling and closing. The training uses highly interactive training methods designed to embed the principles learned on the course.

Winning New Customers

Winning new customers should be an obsession for an ambitious company. We have focused an in-depth workshop that will better equip salesmen to tackle winning new business. We cover identifying new opportunities, strategic territory planning, marketing, developing a value proposition and cold calling. Interactive role play is used extensively to reinforce the learning points.

Proposal Writing

A well written proposal will greatly increase the chance of winning business. Too often, they are a list of specifications with a price attached. We start the day by looking at what motivates customers to buy our products, and we then move to understand the need to offer benefits and value when we propose solutions. The group evaluate real proposals and use the feedback to reinforce learning. Topics range from devising the appropriate email response, to Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) and Invitations to Tender (ITT’s).

Successful Presenting

A persuasive presentation is extremely powerful. Many salespeople will avoid the opportunity through lack of confidence. We cover the steps required to plan and deliver a logical, interesting and professional presentation. Each attendee will give three presentations during the day with feedback provided that is designed to build confidence and employ techniques to use outside the training environment.


The closing workshop concentrates on the final stages of a sales campaign. We focus on the importance of ensuring that the customer understands and believes that the solution being offered will deliver benefits that are of real value. We include ethical negotiating skills and how to use negotiation to maximise the opportunity. The day includes an understanding of financial measures such as ROI,payback, leasing and an overview of profit and loss and  balance sheets, all which can help close a sale. Interactive practice calls consolidate the learning points.

Sales Manager’s Workshop

The workshop for sales managers focuses on staff motivation, effective recruiting, managing poor performance and individual reviews. We also revisit sales meetings, forecasting sales figures accurately, and provide a sales managers health check. Additionally the managers are given a brief overview of the six modules that their people have attended with associated coaching tips to ensure continuous reinforcement of the principles learned once individuals are back in their usual sales role.

Executive calling

The day explores the topics that are relevant to executives in both small businesses and large corporations. We look at ways to get appointments, and what to do during the appointment. These steps are underpinned with discussions, practice calls and debriefs. By the end of the day attendees should be confident of getting executive appointments and structuring the meeting to get a successful outcome.

Financial Selling

The Financial Selling module looks in detail at why meeting Financial Directors can have a huge impact on the success of sales campaigns. We de-mystify the language that FD’s use and explore the measures that matter to FD’s, and review how leasing can help assist a sale. The learning is re-enforced with practice meetings. We also look at how using social media can help get appointments with FD’s and other ‘hard to reach’ executives.